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  1. kathy kenny ngo

    This is great for the gang. Especially fr the kids we have to teach them to save money while they are young.

  2. May Palacpac

    I appreciate discounts and coupons that help me get them. Here, I keep cards – I have one for restos and food establishments and another for supermarket discounts. I wonder if we have one like Family Dollar Smart coupons here.

  3. Bernadette Callahan

    I would love to coupon more but I hate having to cut them all out and then organize, it is very time consuming. Then the one time I actually did use some, I had about 50, the cashier forgot to use them so I was like I am not going to bother with this lol. Digital ones are much easier for me.

  4. Glenda

    Sounds great! I’m so glad many companies are starting to this. It is so much easier than clipping coupons that most of the time I forget at home. Will check it out 🙂

  5. Nicole Escat

    How I wish we can also use those coupons in the Philippines. You are so lucky!

  6. Berlin

    I love big savings and offerings like this thats sl easy to understand and use 🙂

  7. katrina gehman

    I have like 2 within a couple miles of my house and love family dollar. there are so many great deals there.

  8. amer

    Family Dollar already has good deals! Those online coupons make them even better. Love it!

  9. Sarah Bailey

    I have heard about these but we don’t have a Family Dollar super close. If we did, I would definitely use them.

  10. Melissa Llado

    I love all the ways to save and get coupons. It’s so hard to stay on budget this will really help

  11. Kendra

    What a great deal! Using coupons on already low prices really helps a lot

  12. Elizabeth O.

    I think it’s awesome to save when you’re shopping for supplies at home, especially if you’re trying to follow a budget! This is a really nice option!

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